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In the mid-1970s when the computer was introduced in our personal lives no one would have predicted what lies ahead in future. Not too far in the future, the Internet was launched and it literally changed the world. With such a rapid growth of technology lives became easier. But we couldn’t agree more with Murphy’s Law i.e. “if anything can go wrong, it will”.

Each growing day new technologies being invented and our lives becoming more dependent upon Computers, gadgets & electronics. it is unimaginable how larger the impact can be. We do realise the importance of our dependency, hence come to rescue in the hour of need.

consumer services

Most people who were not born in the computer era, find themselves in the middle of nowhere when their computer refuses to let them connect to the Internet, or printer doesn't print or a hacker steals our personal information.

With our dedicated Senior citizen support team, you can bet nothing goes south.

List of Services offered:

  • Network Protection (Ensuring no unwanted sneaking or information breach)
  • Hacking/Virus Protection (Active Threat Control & Quarantine)
  • Computer Software Glitches (Freezing, Abrupt Restart, Blue/Black Screen etc.)
  • Printer Problems (Not Printing, Setup Issues, Wireless Printer Setup)
  • iPad, iPhone, Mac issues (Apple ID reset, printing setup etc.)
  • Personal Website, Blog Setup
  • Web Radio Setup/Configuration (For People who love Podcasting)
  • Web Streaming Services (Playing Music for a Web radio Station)
  • A range of support for other electronic gadgets like Digital Cam, Wireless Routers, Wireless cameras, Home security solution etc.)
  • Product recommendation (If you’re planning to buy a new gadget and aren’t sure what to buy)

While we are available 24x7 (even on Christmas), you can relax when it comes to your precious Gadgets.

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