With Growing technology and stiff competition, Business needs more attention and a close watch.Keeping that in mind our mission is to offer Fair Business Solutions with transparency. Our mission is to put people & Businesses first than keeping our Bankers busy. We believe if we are able to add value to your business then our goal is accomplished.
We are dedicated to giving back to society in form of our services. A team at Infini is dedicated to Innovation.
We are actively working on reducing Air Pollution by making personal Green Air transportation a reality for everyone. Read more on our Project Flytrance here.
We offer extremely affordable services to consumers for as low as $1 or free if needed. In short our mission statement is:

“People First”. We measure success by the number of satisfied people and Businesses by adding value to their lives/Goals. Not by the dollar amount we make.


We are a group of Innovators who love to invent and bring technology to the world. In 2010 we started with a mission of making technology available to people who need it the most and to change their lives for good. Since then we have grown with a pride and looking back we only see thousands of happy consumers and businesses that appreciate our mission.
We are dedicated to solve big problems and make people’s lives easier. One of Our current projects is dedicated to making Personal Air Travel safer and available to everyone while eliminating fossil fuel. Our offices are based in Orlando, FL & New Delhi India.


With a partner like Infini, there is one less reason to worry about. Our people take commitments very seriously, so you can do things you need to. Our core values are built upon Trust, Commitment, Professionalism, and Transparency. While you work hard on making your business afloat, we work harder to ensure we have your back in the hour of need.

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